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Don't Break Rules Other Wise We Suspend Your Account without any Notice .

Started by admin Feb 04th, 2023 at 09:56

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Hello Members,

First of thanks to all members who are supporting ATiGROUP.
I hope I will provide the best opportunities to all members in the future.

About ROI ,
I am working hard to manage our all websites.
I know some users don't like our ROI Rules but I think it's better for us to manage our all websites.
ROI is not integrated permanently. My plan is that I will remove ROI on 31 May.
But we are not increasing the ROI limit every month.

Important news,
Maximum withdrawal decreased because I want to enable a fast payment system.
After 28 February I will enable a fast payment system for all members.
Everyone will get the payment within 24 hours after sending a payment request.

Deposit Promotion closed

The first time we are going to launch a big Promotion.
Deposit Now and get 100% Purchase balance.
Deposit $5+ and 25% purchase Balance in all our websites (aticlix.net , atibuxer.com , atiadver.com , Offersmid.com) .

Deposit Now and send a ticket with your Other all sites username and get the purchase balance.
If the deposit is $500+ then get 100 rented referrals on all websites also.

The offer is only for a limited time.
Good Luck to all of you with your Earnings!!

Posted : Feb 04th, 2023 at 09:56

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